About Us

Bill Herbert 
Creative Director/CEO

Billy Herbert is an award winning designer and digital marketer. For over 20+ years he has developed successful marketing campaigns for dozens of clients, however one thing he has never marketed is a product of his own. Intrigued by the idea of creating and marketing his own product, Bill set his mind to come up with a brand that embodied things he liked.

Then on a beautiful October day, after a fantastic day of wine tasting in Napa Valley (Bill’s favorite getaway location) he had a mind-blowing vision. Recently he had been reading about the early wine pioneers, their eccentricities and maverick moves that shaped the valley. Guys like Charles Krug, Robert Mondavi, Georges de Latour and Mike Grgich. So while headphones blazed to AC/DC, Bill fell into a wine induced dream…

On a dark frigate, in an giant ocean of cabernet sauvignon, huge stormy swells crashed over the deck and ran red as blood. Cannon’s fired and men struggled to maintain their footing. From the helm of the ship captain Mondavi shouted orders to hoist the flag. From high atop the main mast a small pirate flag rose and rippled in the wind – a skull and two crossed bottles. 

Abruptly waking up to a lap full of the red wine he had just spilled, Bill furiously scribbled  his dream on several cocktail napkins. Several sketches later the WineSkull logo and brand was brought to life. 


Crawford Herbert 
Digital Manager

Crawford Herbert is the Digital Manager for WineSkull. He lives and breathes all things digital and enjoys programming, videography and is also a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.